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June 21 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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June 24

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Vic West Elementary Families … please note … https://t.co/MG4AAXHvCn

Congratulations Megan Haggerty ! Megan is the recipient of the VCPAC Gail Edwards Award for outstanding service in the GVSD. We are so grateful for her leadership on the Vic West PAC. Always a part of the Wolf Pack! This is Vic West ♥️. @sd61_vcpac @SD61Learn @sd61schools https://t.co/8x2IwwOYsr marla_margetts photo

We are so proud of Ms Houston ! She is the recipient of the VCPAC New Teacher Award. This is Vic West ♥️. @sd61schools @sd61_vcpac @SD61Learn https://t.co/jk9HvUu6Pc marla_margetts photo

The BEST part of ME. Grade One authors. Our school motto - At Vic West… be WHO you are. Celebrating. Individuality. Personal. Diversity. This is Vic West ♥️. @sd61schools @SD61Learn https://t.co/ZInOFGXbGE marla_margetts photo

Indigenous History Month 🧡. Pride Month 🌈. Resources available in the library for staff and students. This is Vic West ♥️. @sd61schools @SD61Learn https://t.co/HEqM5hOSld marla_margetts photo

Exploring Peace Dancer and Raven Brings the Light. Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Learning. Art. Literacy. Knowledge. Remembering. Honouring. This is Vic West♥️. @sd61schools @SD61Learn https://t.co/MFDTjAmhzO marla_margetts photo

Welcome to Victoria West

We would like to recognize and acknowledge the Esquimalt and Songhees Nations, on whose traditional territories we live, we learn, and we do our work.

Our School

Daily Schedule

Cohorts 1-3 (Divisions 1-6) 8:45am-2:23pm
Cohorts 4-6 (Divisions 7-14) 9:00am-2:38pm
Start time & End Time
8:45/9 am - Monday - FridayStart time
10:00 am - 10:15 am(Div 1-6) or 10:20-10:35am (Div 7-14)Recess
11:30 am - 12:00 pm (Div 1-6) or 12:15 - 12:45pm (Div 7-14)Lunch Recess
2:23pm Cohorts 1-3 (Div 1-6) and 2:38pm Cohorts 4-6 (Div 7-14) Dismissal